Leaked files from Fortnite’s V6.31 update suggest that a brand new point-of-interest could be coming to the popular battle royale title.

Released by FortTory on Tuesday, November 27, the files are called ‘Distant_Rock’ and ‘Distant Wall’ respectively, giving Fortnite fans very little to go on.


However, when the textures are opened, one appears to look like a stone wall, while the other looks like a tower that you would likely see attached to a castle from medieval times.

There is already a castle on the map which sits on top of Haunted Hills, and it’s possible that these may be new textures for the existing building, which will perhaps go through a change in a future update.

However, some Fortnite fans believe these textures are for a secret castle that has yet to appear on the map, rather than the massive structure which overlooks Haunted Hills.

On November 11, an eagle-eyed Reddit user believed he spotted a previously unseen castle hiding inside a rift. The user was in the bunker located underneath Wailling Woods, when just as he went to jump through the portal, he spotted what appears to be a massive castle, complete with a huge gate at the front, and turrets which look oddly similar to the leaked texture.

If you look close you could see a castle in rifts from r/FortNiteBR

It also looks like the castle may be covered in snow, but it’s unfortunately difficult to be sure due to the distorted quality of the image thanks to the Rift.

Epic Games have yet to comment on what the leaked textures are for, however there have been plenty of leaks from the V6.31 update already, with lots of new files found linking to the snowstorm that seems to be headed for the Island.

What do you think these leaks? Are they for the Haunted Hills castle or will we see a massive new structure? Let us know, and keep an eye out for new updates!