Fortnite leakers have uncovered an audio file that could be linked to a future skin based on superstar streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Epic Games have been supplying their battle royale with insane skins in Season X so far, especially with the arrival of the Batman x Fortnite in-game event. But it seems like the Batman update brought something else to get hyped for lying within the game’s files.

Fortnite data miners have discovered what could be the first hints to a new skin that could incorporate the battle royale’s most popular streamer into the game.

In a September 21 leak, longtime Fortnite leaker FortTory dug up sound files packaged along with the Batman update with a peculiar name of ‘NinjaStream1H Pickaxe.’

The audio clip only contains four strikes of a pickaxe, but the name of the file is already hyping up some players as it sounds like a Ninja skin might finally happen.

In fact, it isn’t the first time data miners uncover code in Fortnite’s game files with the name of ‘NinjaStream.’ Previously the string of code ‘CIDTBD_Athena_Commando_M_NinjaStream’ similarly appeared in the game’s files before.

The coincidence led the popular Fortnite leaker to wonder if a Ninja skin might finally be on the way after multiple instances of the keywords have surfaced.

“Some time ago we found the string CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_NinjaStream and now these sound files just got added with the Batman pak file,” FortTory said. “Are we really getting a Ninja skin?”

Speculation is bound to fire up once again about the possible Ninja skin, as it wouldn’t be the first time a Ninja-esque design gets included in the game.

Previously, the streamer himself had to take a moment’s pause when he was sifting through the Season 8 Battle Pass which included a skin called ‘Master Key.’ 

When he hovered over the skin, he noticed the skin had a similar haircut as him while sporting a headband, something Ninja has been known to wear a lot: “Wow, why is that me?”

That skin might not have been an official representation of Ninja, but there are new signs that indicate he might get an official Fortnite skin soon.

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