Epic Games have released notes and information containing details on the sensitivity changes for console players in Patch v5.30.

Controller Sensitivity Information from FortNiteBR

As it states, “[Epic Games] made adjustments to gamepad options by tuning controller inputs and accelerations to allow for more fine tuning when aiming. Based on player feedback [Epic Games] went a bit too far here.”

“As of now, [Epic Games have] reverted what we can via hotfixes but will need to release a client update to solve for the rest. [They will] get this out to you as soon as [they’re] able to but don’t currently have a time frame.”

“[They] also lowered the dead-zone used for aiming on Xbox One controllers, which [they] are leaving implemented in-game as [Epic Games] believe this is a healthy adjustment in the long term.”

“In doing this [Epic Games] discovered and fixed a bug that slightly changed Aim Sensitivity for controllers. This means you may need to adjust your sensitivity to get that “just right” feeling back, but you’ll no longer experience the change in aim acceleration.”

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