A new content update is arriving in Fortnite shortly as announced by Epic Games. The update will bring a new stealthy item into the game.

Fortnite regularly gets new content updates as Epic Games expands the loot pools even further. The latest one will arrive on May 2nd.

Each content update usually brings one new item to the game and this one is no different. The item seeks to bring an aspect of stealth to the hectic battle royale experience.

v8.51 Content Update Release Time

Epic Games has sent out a tweet informing the community about the release time of the v8.51 content update.

The update will arrive for all players at 5 AM EST/2 AM PST. There will be no downtime required this time around, but a client update will have to be downloaded.

Don’t worry if you have a slow Internet connection as these update generally contains only a few updates along with the new item. The size of the download shouldn’t be too large and you will be playing again in no time.

The item that Epic Games is teasing in the tweet is the Shadow Bomb grenade.

Shadow Bomb coming in v8.51 – via Epic Games

We do not have complete details on the Shadow Bomb, but leaks have revealed significant clues to its uses. The new item will act as some sort of smoke grenade/Shadow Stone combination.

Our best guess is that the players will throw the item similar to a Stink Bomb. Anybody caught within its radius will enter ‘Shadowform’. Shadowform allows standstill players to remain invisible. While moving in Shadowform, the player leaves behind a purple trail that is easily visible.

This is all speculation based upon credible leaks from data miners. We will have to wait and see to get the official details of the Shadow Bomb.

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