Epic Games has taken to Twitter to assure YouTubers and Streamers that the Fortnite x Marshmello event will not result in copyright strikes on their content.

With the announcement of Fortnite partnering with a huge artist such as Marshmello, many content creators worried that their videos and streams showcasing the event would be copyright claimed by the artist’s label.

Epic Games has assured the community that this will not be the case as they have worked with the artist’s team to ensuring are made as long as monetization is disabled.

We’ve worked with [Marshmello]’s team to ensure you won’t receive copyright strikes for posting the event. This means you will not be able to monetize your video content, but you will be able to keep your content posted on your channel.

This is relieving for all creators who wished to stream or upload their live experience of the event. Typically, playing Marshmello’s music without explicit permissions would result in a strike it is copyrighted content.

With that being said, content creators will need to ensure monetization is disabled for that video or stream specifically. Otherwise a copyright strike will still be issued.

Thanks to leaked assets from the v7.30 update and a bug in Fortnite’s Replay Mode, it is known that Marshmello’s song ‘Alone’ will be played during the concert.

The Fortnite x Marshmello concert is scheduled for¬†Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 at 2PM Eastern Time. The concert will be held at the Pleasant Park point of interest, don’t miss it!

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