Yet another Fortnite Content Creator has teased their presence at Epic Games’ HQ, I_Am_Wildcat.

Fortnite’s 6th Season ends in just over a week which means the teasers for Season 7 are going to kick into high-gear very soon. Could Epic be partnering with YouTubers and Streamers?

It appears that Epic Games has invited Content Creators out to their studio, possibly to collaborate on Season 7 content or a reveal.

YouTuber BasicallyIDoWrk has posted on Instagram showing that he is at Epic Games’ headquarters in Carry, North Carolina. However, he does not specifically state his reasoning for being there.


Viewers report that BasicallyIDoWrk has teased the event on stream, asking which other Content Creators will be attending the “secret thing this week”.

While an official Season 7 announcement is still a considerable amount of time away, it’s very possible Epic is beginning production on trailers. It’s possible that Content Creators may even have a chance to play new content early.

In-game teasers for Season 7, a Winter Event, and a Durr Burger are in full-force at the moment, stay tuned for any further details.

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