Epic Games has been keen to keep Fortnite’s competitive community tightly knit into a single scene. However, that’s potentially changing as an Xbox Store image reveals an upcoming console only tourney is inbound.

The Controller vs. Mouse is one of Fortnite’s most riled up debates, but Console vs. PC isn’t talked about nearly as much. This mostly due to the obvious winnner when both platform types play in the same lobbies. Of course, the system that can run the game at 200+ FPS wins out.

Console players, who also want to participate in fair competitive tournaments, have long complained about the unfairness. Epic is changing things up in the near future as a Xbox Store posting reveals.

$1,000,000 Xbox Tourney Revealed via Xbox Store

Competitive Fortnite heading to Xbox? We approve. – Via Microsoft

It appears that Epic may be changing things up and giving consoles players their own arena of play. After all, console and mobile players make up well over half of Fortnite’s overall community. An image from u/nick_21b of the FortniteCompetitive subreddit reveals a $1,000,000 Xbox tourney on the way.

Anyone know what this is? from r/FortniteCompetitive

Console specific tournament would allow players to have a better chance of displaying their skill rather than being beaten by the hardware advantage. With a massive prize pool of $1,000,000 dollars, this tournament is no laughing matter.

We hopped on the Xbox Store to confirm this and sure enough it’s still there. There’s also another image which sits as the title image for the entire ‘Games’ section of the Xbox Store.

Fortnite Xbox Cup

What does this mean for the future of Fortnite esports?

Historically, Epic has wanted to pull all of the competitive community in a single pool of players. Everyone who plays in the competitive tourneys plays against each other on the same servers. Of course, this maximizes the amount of players, but it has serious drawbacks to competitive balance.

Current generation consoles cannot run Fortnite at above 60 FPS and often drop below this golden mark. They are also significantly cheaper than gaming PCs. Epic often runs promotion with both Sony and Xbox, but has forced console players to attempt to play against hyper-powered GTX 2080 Ti cards in tourneys.

Epic Games did mention their intent to run console-specific tourneys in a short comment about a month ago. They also mentioned mobile-only tourneys.


The comment didn’t draw too much attention, but it hints that Epic Games isn’t planning on separating the scenes. We find this somewhat credible, but do question the intent of the Xbox Cup.

Why else would Epic Games want to run a console-only tournament other than to test the willingness of console players to play? We believe this first Cup will be a test for console players to see how many players actually sign up/play. We hope the number will be in the hundreds of thousands.

For those readers who actively play on consoles, would you be looking join such a tournament? Remember, anyone can play and have fun even if you don’t think you have the skills to win the grand prize. We’re not Fortnite gods ourselves, but the prospect of a console-only Xbox tournament makes want to rise and grind!