Upon the launch of Fortnite Season 5, several cosmetic items were discovered in the updated files. Among the new cosmetics are the Power Grip and Pointer Harvesting Tools. Season 5 is now roughly three quarters of the way to completion and we have yet to see these pickaxes.

Finally, thanks to Reddit user /u/wildwind98, we now have confirmation on the fate of these cosmetics. Unfortunately, both the Power Grip and Pointer Harvesting Tools are available for free, exclusively to Chinese players.

What are your thoughts on this? Keep in mind, Chinese players are unable to purchase V-Bucks or Twitch Prime packs. However, Tencent does provide the Battlepass for each Season for free to all Chinese players.

It is currently unknown if these cosmetics will ever be available to all Fortnite players by any means. We’ll keep you updated if anything happens.