XXiF seems to be up to his old antics once again as footage has surfaced of more potential teaming during the Trios Cash Cup.

Epic Games gets many things right, but they certainly missed the mark with their punishment of XXiF when he cheated during the FWC Qualifiers. The player was caught red-handed for teaming in a professional tournament and got a two-week slap on the wrist.

Naturally, the “punishment didn’t work in the slightest and he returned to qualify into the Finals once more under suspicious circumstances. Many other pros like Tfue & Nickmercs protested loudly, but Epic simply ignored their cries for justice in an attempt to move on from the fiasco.

Think about what you would do if you could just always get away with cheating at a casino. Wouldn’t you continue cheating? Maybe not, but that’s what XXiF looks to be doing as the gamer has been accused of teaming again in the Trios Cash Cup.

XXiF accused of teaming in Trios Cash Cup

Before we hop into the latest allegations against esports’ most visible cheater, we highly recommend checking out the first two times XXiF cheated. We’ll link you to the articles for your convenience.

Now, onto the newest triumph of Fortnite’s luckiest professional player who seemingly only plays against bots in high-tier matches. As with the previous clips, this one involves a situation that cannot be logically explained unless we are talking about a random public lobby.

XXiF is being spectated in a clip posted by @SwervoSaucy_ and something peculiar occurs. A lone player with a dead squad decides to start Cluck Strutting in front of XXiF. It wasn’t a panic button press or weird camera angle. Watch the clip and you’ll see what we mean.

You would be absolutely forgiven for thinking that’s something that happens everyday in BR games because it does…in random public lobbies with low-tier players. In professional gameplay lobbies, this type of behavior is never seen outside of these XXiF clips.

Now, some defenders did come to shield XXiF, but they were quickly debunked. They argued that the dancing player just wanted to get back to the lobby as fast as possible.

However, when the situation gets parsed down logically, why would a player that has materials AND a Epic Tactical Shotgun just give up? While cheating for a single point may seem laughable to some, Swervo came back with a great point dismissing the criticism.

A single point was all it took for many players to make it or break it. Developers need to be careful when dealing with big prize pools as the incentive to cheat rises with the increase in money. Epic Games decided to hand two-week ban to XXiF when the community wanted to see harsher, more permanent penalties.

Is that too harsh? Not when compared to other esports and sports. Players are regularly banned permanently from Counter-Strike events and suspended indefinitely from Overwatch for less egregious crimes. Epic Games tried to do the right thing in their mind, but with constant piling evidence…they need to address this in a public manner and fast.

Well, no matter what the result of this new controversy, XXiF will be heading to the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The event begins with the Creative Finals on July 26 and continues with the Duos & Solos Finals on July 27 & 28.

Who knows? Some of his final placements in the event might prove to be quite telling of his real skill level. It’s truly unfortunate to see possible cheating happening and we hope it’ll all resolved going into the next year of competitive Fortnite.