Fortnite Storm

Brilliant Fortnite concept could save you from the storm

The lack of mobility in Fortnite keeps a lot of players stuck in the storm. This item concept could fix the problem.

Stats show that the Heavy Shotgun would fit in Fortnite Chapter...

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Fortnite Locker concept gives us everything we want

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Fortnite fans want to see Jonesy in Super Smash Bros

Rumors have it that Jonesy might be the next DLC character in Super Smash Ultimate. Could the crossover happen?

This Fortnite vehicle concept would be a perfect fit

Fortnite needs more vehicles. This new concept would fit perfectly into the theme of the game

LTM concept makes Fortnite a fantasy RPG

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Fortnite Chainsaw concept could replace lightsaber farming rate

The lightsaber may have left Fortnite, but this Chainsaw concept is one way to keep the best part of the weapon in the game.

Original Fortnite ‘Jonesy’ designs range from intense to hilarious

Fortnite players have found the original Jonesy concept designs and they look very different from the default we know and love.

What could have been: unused Fortnite POI found in old game...

Fortnite has been out for over two years, but we caught a glimpse of an early Fortnite concept that Epic never used.

Liquid Chap gives his wish list for Fortnite 2020

Fortnite pro player Chap has released his wishlist for Fortnite in 2020. Take a look at what he wants to see changed.