Inspired by this recent post on Reddit by /u/SecureAd, we thought we’d whip up a concept of what a winner’s store could look like in Fortnite.

There’s currently no real reward for winning a game of Battle Royale except the adrenaline rush you get near the end. A shop available exclusively to those who get frequent Victory Royales would be a good way to motivate people to play even more.

Every win would grant you one ticket which could be used to purchase cosmetics in a new ‘Winner’s Store’ with prices depending on the rarity of an item.

The rewards featured above are just a concept of how it could work, with items either refreshing daily from a select pool as they do in the normal shop or being available for a limited time, perhaps with each season.

Another compromise could be to reward players with a small amount of V-Bucks for each win, though this seems unlikely to happen as it’s in Epic’s best interest to keep desirable cosmetics locked behind a paywall.

What do you think of this concept? Should frequent winners be able to earn exclusive items through playing the game?