Introduced to Fortnite Battle Royale on January 24th, 2018 in Patch v2.3.0; the Chug Jug. This Legendary consumable healing item takes 15 seconds to consume and grants the player full health and full shield. It cannot be stacked.

Redditor /u/TheKingNekro has a proposed a rework to the Chug Jug to make it a more viable option to carry in the player’s limited inventory space.


Reworked, the Chug Jug would have a health rather than consume time (similar to the Jetpack). This will allow the player to consume as little HP/Shield as needed, saving the rest for another time. The maximum potential healing would still be 100HP/100Shield.

In its current state, the Chug Jug is often not used to its full 100/100 potential, rather to top-off Health/Shield. There are many healing items in Fortnite such as the Shield Potion, Mini Shield, recently buffed Slurp Juice, Mushrooms, and more. Due to this, there is very little reason to fill a player’s inventory slot with a single Chug Jug.


What do you think of this rework, how could the Chug Jug be improved?