Reddit user /u/U_mome_gay of /r/FortniteBR has posted a concept for a Limited Time Mode named The Walls. After gaining a little traction, Reddit user /u/phleep brought the concept to life with an animation.

The Walls

  • 4 Teams of 25 players
  • 4 Storm Circles
  • 5 minute grace period, then the Storm constantly closes in
  • Storm deals 10 damage per tick
Bus phase

In this LTM, 4 separate Battle Buses will each carry 25 players into the map, Buses fly lower to discourage flying to another team’s storm circle. Each team has a designated storm circle in a quadrant of the map. Supply Drops spawn immediately in each of the 4 storm circles.

Landing phase

After 5 minutes, each half of the 4 storm circles will begin to constantly close inward (similar to the Steady Storm LTM) until they have merged into 2 larger storm circles. At this point, more Supply Drops will spawn. The Storm will deal 10 damage per tick to discourage moving to another team’s storm circle.

Dual Storm phase

After the initial 4 storm circles have merged into 2 storm circles, more Supply Drops will spawn. The 2 storm circles will now begin to constantly move inward and merge into a single storm circle. This is expected to be the late-game phase where player’s begin to play more tactically.

Single Storm phase

Finally, the single storm circle will begin to rapidly shrink forcing players to move out of their comfort zone. This is expected to be where the majority of games end, before the final storm circle closes.

What do you think of this LTM Concept, would you play it? What changes would you make to improve it?