With Epic’s confirmation of 50v50 v2 coming at some point in the future in their State of Development 4 last month, reddit user /u/phleep has created an animation to illustrate how it could work based on the description they gave:

50v50 v2

  • Closer to the 50v50 Trailer experience
  • Split to start
  • Converge on Battle
  • Bus for each team
  • See all your squadmates on the map
  • More supply drops

50v50 Gif

This looks like it would produce much better results than the original version of the mode, which usually lacked in the building aspect that was expected by many. Maybe with this, we’ll see epic standoffs like those found in the first trailer:

As well as this, the limited play area will prevent everyone from going to Tilted Towers as is the problem with the current 5 Teams of 20 mode, making gameplay a lot more varied and exciting. We can’t wait to see how Version 2 is delivered!

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