Weekly challenges for Fortnite aren’t particularly difficult, but they can be time consuming without extensive knowledge of the Fortnite map. Not everyone can be expected to remember every little corner, but that’s what cheat sheets are for!

Fortnite Battle Pass challenges have become a routine task for most players. Do the week’s challenges, rinse, and repeat. Every week’s the same old thing, but we’re always more than ready to do them for those sweet Battle Pass rewards.

In order to get through the week most efficiently, you should use a cheat sheet. They provide a quick and concise way of seeing the best possible paths for completing a week’s challenges.

Week 7 Season 9 Cheat Sheet

It’s sort of crazy that we are already in week 7 of Season 9! Time flies when you are blasting opponents to little chunks with shotguns!

Anyway, onto the week’s challenges and the cheat sheet. If you are looking for the absolute best, you should look no further than @ItsEnergie. The creator’s cheat sheets offer a concise presentation with the maximum amount of relevant information.

In the cheat sheet, you can see the challenges neatly tucked away at the bottom and top. The orange traversal lines show the shortest possible path to the “visit in a single match” locations and you can even find the Hidden Battle Star along with the Week 7 loading screen.

For those that would like to thank him directly, you can head to his Twitch stream at twitch.tv/itsenergie. We’re sure that the creator would appreciate the show of support!

We’ve also collected information about the season’s Fortbytes in a separate article. You will find guides on each Fortbyte and additional details on Fortbyte rewards. While these do not help with the Battle Pass, they can unlock unique Season 9 rewards at milestones.

We hope the cheat sheet above will help you complete the week’s challenges without hassle. The struggle to the reach Battle Pass tier 100 continues! Be sure to check back daily for more Fortnite news, guides, and other helpful content.

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