Each week’s Fortnite challenges can be a little difficult to complete with limited time, but it’s all a bit easier with a cheat sheet.

Every week, Epic Games releases a new wave of challenges for Fortnite Battle Pass players. Some of these challenges are free while others require the Battle Pass purchase.

Some of the challenges can be self explanatory, but others require extensive knowledge of the game world. We can’t all be bothered to know every nook, but thankfully there is someone who does.

Week 5 Season 9 Cheat Sheet

Whenever there are challenges to be completed, a hero of the community steps back to the plate to make things easier. The name of this everlasting champion of the people is…@thesquatingdog.

Each week, the creator blasts through the weekly challenges and makes an ergonomic masterpiece. The cheat sheet features each challenges with a clean display as well as information on weekly Fortbytes.

Week 5 Season 9 Cheat Sheet

If you feel like you want to support the creator, be sure to his Item Shop code ‘SQUATINGDOG.’ You can also support him more directly when he streams Fortnite on his Twitch at twitch.tv/squatingdog.

For a full list of Week 5 Challenges along with individual guides, head to our Week 5 Challenges article.

We also publish the week’s challenges a day early (in general) due to leaks obtained from data miners.

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