Another week, another set of fresh Fortnite challenges to grind through. Let’s dive into how you can get those challenges done as fast as possible.

Each week, Epic releases a new wave of challenges for us to complete. Every set brings something a little bit different while still keeping with the theme of the season.

The Week 3 challenges include a wide variety of tasks from disc throwing to explosive kills.

Week 3 Season 9 Cheat Sheet

When the challenges get released each Thursday, there’s a dedicated community creator that gets to work quickly to help us all out.

His name is @thesquatingdog. He creates the cheat sheet used by a multitude of players. The quality and accuracy of the cheat sheets cannot be questioned at this point.

Without any further delay, here’s the Week 3 Season 9 challenge cheat sheet from Squatingdog.

Week 3 Season 9 Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet includes locations for each challenge for the week and gives a few pictures to help you pinpoint some of the trickier ones.

If you don’t know the Slipstream routes, we’ve got a guide to find the nearest one. The Slipstreams are a new type of mobility for Season 9 and serve as a type of ‘fast travel.’

You can also give him thanks by heading to his Twitter (linked above) or his Twitch stream at

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