Each Fortnite week’s challenges give players seven new tasks to complete. Cheat sheets allow for quick completion of the challenges.

The second week of Season 9 challenges went live early on Thursday, May 16th. There’s nothing too difficult in the bunch this week, but a cheat sheet can make things even easier.

A cheat sheet for Fortnite is a concise approach to displaying all of week’s challenge locations. Don’t worry, you won’t be breaking any Fortnite rules by using one.

Week 2 Cheat Sheet by Squatingdog

Each and every week, @thesquatingdog creates a beautiful cheat sheet with clean imagery for the community to use. The presentation is straight-forward and allows you to easily glance back and forth during gameplay for guidance.

Cheat Sheet for Week 2 of Season 9 – via @thesqautingdog

If you use the cheat sheet above, consider using the creator’s code in the Fortnite Item Shop. It helps support his work and allows him to continue making these amazing tools.

You can also check the man out on his stream at twitch.tv/squatingdog. There you can support him more directly via donations and subscriptions.

For a full list of the week’s challenges and further assistance with the use of videos and images, you can head to our weekly hub article.

via @FNMasterCom

You can also check out our Fortbyte article to see a full list of available Fortbytes as of May 16th.

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