Another week, another set of fresh Fortnite challenges to grind through. Let’s dive into how you can get those challenges done as fast as possible.


Each week, Epic releases a new wave of challenges for us to complete. Every set brings something a little bit different while still keeping with the theme of the season.

As you might expect then, the Week 9 challenges include volcano vent jumping and using a Reboot Van. Both of these have been added during Season 8 and serve as big pieces of the current meta.

Week 9 Season 8 Cheat Sheet

When the challenges get released each Thursday, there’s a dedicated community creator that gets to work quickly to help us all out.

His name is @thesquatingdog. He creates the cheat sheet used by a multitude of players. The quality and accuracy of the cheat sheets cannot be questioned at this point.

Without any further delay, here’s the Week 9 Season 8 challenge cheat sheet from Squatingdog.

The cheat sheet includes locations for each challenge for the week and gives a few pictures to help you pinpoint some of the trickier ones.

Marvel just released the Black Widow cosmetic set with the Fortnite X Avengers crossover event launch. If you are thinking about buying it and want to support SquatingDog’s work, be sure to plug in his creator code ‘SQUATINGDOG.’

You can also give him thanks by heading to his Twitter (linked above) or to Twitch stream at

For a full list of Week 9 challenges, head to our master article for the week. If you are having trouble completing the “Dance at objectives” challenges, we’ve created an additional guide for you.