The last round of challenges for Season 8 are finally upon us. This means guides, pictures, and of course, cheat sheets.

Each week, Epic Games adds seven new challenges into Fortnite for players to complete. The completion of the challenges earns you Battle Stars. These allow players to level up their Battle Pass and receive rewards.

Week 10’s challenges are too difficult, but it never hurts to have a helping hand. As with every week, the community comes to the rescue with guidance.

Week 10 Cheat Sheet

Every single week, @squatingdog creates a cheat sheet for the Fortnite challenges. The presentation has been perfected over the months into a well designed and accurate work of art.

The cheat sheet displays all location data for the week’s challenges and some time includes pictures to guide players. You can find each of the challenges listed along the top and bottom of the cheat sheet.

Season 8 Week 10 Cheat Sheet, courtesy of @squatingdog

If you like the creators content, we highly recommend that you support him by entering his Creator Code into the Fortnite Item Shop. The code is ‘SQUATINGDOG.’ This will help him continue his important work for the community.

You can also check him out on his stream to tell him your thanks live. We’re sure he would appreciate some kind words from his fans.

In addition to Squatingdog’s cheat sheet, we’ve created a few guides of our own to help you out if you need a little more guidance.

We’ve got pictures for the correct launch angles for three of the flaming loops, some up close images of the treasure maps, and a few other guides that you can check out through out hub article for Week 10 challenges.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Season 8 despite all the bumps that Epic has ran into along the way. Here’s to hoping Season 9 will be a smoother experience for all Fortnite players.