The fifth day of Fortnite Battle Royale’s 14 Days of Summer event challenges players to pop 5 party balloons, and we have a guide to help you find them quickly and easily!

Each day of the 14 Days of Summer event in Fortnite has unvaulted a weapon every 24 hours along with a new challenge for players to complete.


So far there have been 5 weapons that have been temporarily unvaulted:

  1. Light Machine Gun
  2. Quad Launcher
  3. Burst Assault Rifle
  4. Crossbow
  5. Heavy Shotgun

June 29 marked the fifth day for the event, which includes a new challenge that tasks players to pop 5 party balloons, and we have the locations for you.

Pop party balloons 5 times

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event is clearly focused around summertime activities like beach parties, sunbathing, and beach balls.

There are large yellow umbrellas and multi-colored beach balls that can be found all around the Fortnite map to help bring in the spirit.

Players will be able to find sets of balloons around different beach parties around the map, which were used to complete the dance challenge for the event previously.

There are six locations that have party balloons in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Once players find a set of balloons, they will need to interact with the item by swinging their pickaxe or shooting them with a weapon.

As soon as you pop five different balloons, you will be rewarded with the Sun Spray which is, of course, themed after summer.

Complete the day 5 challenge to unlock the Sun Spray.

If you need some guidance with the previous challenges, you can check out our guides for each day of 14 Days of Summer:

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