Reboot Vans have finally arrived in Fortnite and are already wildly shaking up the gameplay structure. They will quickly become one of the most important locations to track and knowing where each one can be found is going to be important.

Respawning in Battle Royale has quickly become a fan-favorite feature in many other BR experiences like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Apex: Legends.

While Battle Royale was originally conceived as a gamemode with a single life, the idea has lead to many problems like frustrating early game deaths due to bad RNG.

Reboot Van are Epic’s response to the latest trend and they look it be extremely powerful. With that said, they do let out a loud and visible warning to all players nearby when you attempt to resurrect teammates.

Map of Reboot Van Locations

You will need to know where to find these new locations. Thankfully, we’ve got a map that will guide you on your way.

The Reboot Vans are quite easily visible and will emit a loud sound when enemies are using them.

There are 19 Reboot Vans on the Fortnite map currently with almost all of them being located within or very close to the named locations.

Essentially, don’t worry too much about having trouble finding one of these new additions. The vans are quite abundant and chances are the next Storm circle will include at least one of these.

We hope that the abundance of them does not lead to serious balance issues, but we don’t foresee any major problems. Of course, bugs are always possible, but Epic has always been good to clean them up quickly.

Impact on Competitive Fortnite

The most interesting part of the addition, in our opinion, will be to see how radically it shifts the Fortnite competitive meta. Competitive Fortnite is notorious for its large player number end-games and the Reboot Vans might lead to even more end-game chaos.

Epic might need to make adjusts to the scoring systems for the World Cup encourage players to seek out eliminations earlier in the game. The game has trouble holding up performance with 50+ players in a smaller circle, especially on consoles.

Though, the Reboot Vans could end up being the solution to these hectic end-games if players decide that taking the risk for kills is more worthwhile now. Having a way to respawn could lead for more exciting gameplay outside of end-game scernarios.

All of this remains to be seen.

What do you think of the new Reboot Vans? How are liking them so far and have you seen any issues with their deployment so far? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

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