The ‘Helicopter’ in Fortnite appeared around the beginning of Season 8 and has been slowly making its way around the Fortnite map. Let’s take a look at its elusive route.

Epic Games has not commented on the Helicopter in Fortnite’s Season 8 at all. The mysterious object has been surveying locations for some unknown reason.

Fortnite has a story which told through skins, world events, and Epic’s patented mysteries. The Helicopter is very remiscent of the Rift and the Comet in previous Fortnite seasons.

The Helicopter began its route near the new Volcano location which led people to believe the Volcano might be the sight of some new big event. Perhaps the thing would erupt and drown us all in lava…but that turned out to be an LTM.

So, the community has kept a close eye on what the Helicopter has been up to ever since then.

Reddit user ‘Seawod’ has created a map showing the Helicopter’s long route around the map. It’s been to 12 locations so far.

Updated Map of helicopter’s locations! from r/FortNiteBR

Currently, the Helicopter is parked right above Dusty Divot. The community also recently discovered a massive Anchor buried under Dusty Divot. Coincidence? We think not.

It might be nothing and we are just being led on by Epic Games, but the next Season isn’t that far away. Epic Games has radically changed the map in the past three seasons, so nothing is completely out of the question.

Could the Pirates of Season 8 be planning something for the world of Fortnite? Will Dusty Divot be drowned in the waters of the sea?

We have a slight suspicion that the next season could bring a more ominous theme to Fortnite. The anchor could be referring to “powers of the deep” ie. Lovecraftian horror. The Helicopter may monitoring for signs of a coming apocalypse from the sea.

But, literally all of that is just speculation. Epic Games has not released any official word on this and we don’t think they will. We will just have to wait and see.

What are your theories behind the Anchor and the Helicopter?

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