Season 9’s futuristic roller-coaster ride has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and Week 9 continues the trend. To help in completing the week’s challenges, a cheat sheet comes in very handy.

We know that the “Week 9” can be a little daunting…how did we get here so fast? We swear that Slipstreams just came out three days ago! Time to get serious about these Battle Pass challenges.

Thankfully for you and us, the community never lets down its loyal players. Cheat sheet creators work to create clean presentations to help us whittle down these challenges one by one.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 9 Challenge Cheat Sheet

It’s OK to admit it. Struggling with Fortnite challenges is something that happens to the best of us. That’s why it’s good to be engaged and active in the Fortnite community, so you can find a helping hand.

@itsEnergie offers such a hand and creates straight-to-the-point cheat sheets for weekly challenges. It’s your one-stop shop for completing the week’s activities. Both the Free Battle Pass and Premium challenges are included.

Season 9 Week 9 Cheat Sheet – via @itsEnergie

You can find similar cheat sheets for every week of Season 9 by simply searching “Cheat Sheet” in the FortniteINTEL search bar. It’s located at the top right, below the social media icons.

If you enjoy and find good use out of the map, remember to go and throw Energie a follow on Twitter. A nice tweet thanking the man for his tireless work would also be a nice gesture. Supporting one another is what makes the Fortnite community the best in gaming!

Fortbyte & 14 Days of Summer Challenge Guides

Chilling in the summer sun with 14 Days of Summer rewards

The Energie cheat sheet displays great information for weekly challenges. But, Epic Games has piled so much content into this season that a single map can’t hope to hold everything.

We’ve collected all available Fortbytes and their guides into a single Fortbyte hub article for your convenience. We update the article daily as new Fortbytes are released. Completing 90 of the challenges nets you the exclusive Singularity skin.

Remember that Season 9 will be extended by two weeks due to the Fortnite World Cup and Epic’s vacation. This’ll give you more time for the Battle Pass and Fortbytes!

Singularity Skin – 90/100 Fortbytes

As for 14 Days of Summer objectives, we’ve also got you covered on that front. As of July 4th, Epic has released ten days of summer challenges. Unlike weekly and Fortbyte tasks, each of these grants an exclusive cosmetic reward.

With this combination of guides, you should be able to quickly complete any challenges you still have laying around. For those taking a long weekend for the 4th of July, you could use some of the free time to knock the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass!

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