An updated spawn location map for Fortnite Season X has given fans a better idea of where to drop if they want the absolute best loot. 

Deciding on where you going to land and loot is one of the biggest factors in deciding the outcome of a Fortnite match. Are you going to score big kills with a risky drop or play it safe and pick up your materials away from everybody else? 

Well, if you’ve got a preferred spot and are thinking about moving on from it, then you’re in luck as a new map has surfaced with every spawn location for chests, vending machines, hoverboards, and even consumables like mushrooms.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user LootLake_info – who runs the Loot Lake twitter account – posted their incredibly detailed and updated spawn location map for Season X.

In it, the Fortnite community member documented each spawn location for items dotted across the map – including the number of chests that will spawn in one single building, where exactly to go to grab some coconuts, and even where you can find some campfires to get some easy healing down.

Image via Loot Lake Info

While it may be a surprise that highly congested areas like Tilted Town, Paradise Palms, and Pleasant Park all have high amounts of chests and spawning loot, they don’t house the buildings with the most single chests.

Instead, you’ll want to take a chilly trip to Happy Hamlet, as one building towards the North-Eastern part of the town can contain seven chests at any one time.

Yet, if the cold weather doesn’t take you fancy, you can hop across to Lazy Lagoon, where you’ll be able to find up to six chests towards the back of the small pirate village.

So, why not study the updated map and prepare to grab a Victory Royale in Season 10. Just be sure to watch your back when opening those chests!