Each new week of Fortnite brings a new wave of challenges for players. Completing each week gets you closer and closer to the Season’s discovery skin.

Week 7 of Fortnite’s Season 8 is well underway and the weekly challenges have arrived. Time to get to work, everyone!

The pack includes everything from eliminations to location visits. The challenges don’t include anything mindblowing this week and mostly are straight-forward.

With that said, a cheat sheet can make things go a lot faster for everyone.

Week 7 Season 8 Cheat Sheet

On weekly basis, when the challenges arrive, @thesquatingdog releases a new cheat sheet for the community to use. Clean, information heavy, and ready for use.

Fortnite Week 7 Season 8 Cheat Sheet – via @thesquatingdog

The creator works hard to ensure that the cheat sheet includes all relevant information so the community can easily complete challenges. Be sure to support the efforts taken by using Squatingdog’s Creator Code ‘SQUATINGDOG’ when purchasing Item Shop cosmetics.

You can see the week’s challenges in a listed format along with guides and pertinent information in our other article.

Once you’ve completed all the challenges for Week 7, it’ll be time to head over to the secret/hidden Battle Star of the Week. Yes, it’s a Battle Star this week, not a Banner.

Week 7 Loading Screen – via @lucas7yoshi_

You can see a guide on the exact position of the Hidden Battle Star in our dedicated article. Includes images to help you find the exact position of the Hidden Star.

We hope this collection of resources will help you complete the Week 7 challenges with time to spare. If you complete all challenges through Week 8 (minus one), you will be eligible to unlock the ‘Ruin’ Discovery skin.

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