Another new week of challenges has arrived to Fortnite Battle Royale and we have a guide on how to complete each stage of the challenge that tasks players to dance between structures at three different locations.

One of the challenges for Week 9 of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 has players searching around the map for a specific location to dance in.


There are three different levels to this challenge which will players have to complete in order.

Here’s a guide on how to complete each level.

Dance between three ice sculptures

The first location is in the snow biome near Polar Peak, in the square c8 on the map.

Once players land between the three ice statues, the first level will unlock.

Dance between three dinosaurs

The next step will take players to the desert near Paradise Palms, or square I9 on the map.

Once you arrive at the location, do any dance, and you will be one step closer to completing the challenge.

Dance between four hot springs

The third and final location is near the top of the map at square G2.

Just as the previous two locations, once players do a jig, they will complete the entire challenge.

Once players complete all three locations, they will earn a total of five battle stars towards their Season 8 Battle Pass.

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