Want help completing all the Season 8, Week 1 Fortnite challenges? We have you covered with a full map of all the locations!

Season 8 has finally arrived in Fortnite on Thursday, February 28 with the v8.00 update, which means a whole new set of challenges are now live in-game.

The map has seen a number of high-profile changes with Season 8, including new locations such as Sunny Steps, Lazy Lagoon, and a large volcano where Tomato Temple used to be.

Like previous Seasons, challenges are split between ‘Free’ and ‘Battle Pass’ categories, with a ‘Reward Item’ available after completing any four challenges.

However, the addition of Party Assist in Season 8 allows players to complete challenges with teammates, which is a major change in how quickly they can be finished.

The full Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 challenge Cheat Sheet can be viewed below, courtesy of @thesquatingdog.

Via @thesquatingdog

Free Challenges

  • Visit all (7) Pirate Camps – 5 Battle Stars
  • Search (7) Chests at Retail Row or Junk Junction – 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Deal damage with a Shotgun and an Explosive Weapon in a single match – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 2: Deal damage with a Pistol and an Assault Rifle in a single match – 1 Battle Star
    • Final Stage: Deal damage with a Submachine Gun and Sniper Rifle in a single match – 1 Battle Star

Battle Pass Challenges

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