With Season 2 of Chapter 2 just around the corner, we’re expecting a lot of new content to be coming to Fortnite. But, the most exciting idea we’ve seen actually comes from a passionate fan, who has created a fully functioning character creator concept.

Obviously, there are already lots of options for customizing your character in-game, from skins to backblings and emotes, the possibilities are endless.


But, that doesn’t mean this customization couldn’t be improved upon. In many RPG games, for example, players can create their character from the ground up – and who’s to say it couldn’t work in Fortnite too?

The Fortnite locker is full of options – but could customization be even better?

For a better understanding of how it would actually function, Reddit user u/THIP123 created a concept with the whole system entirely thought out.

There’s a lot of attention to detail here, allowing the player to swap out hairstyles and color, facial hair, accessories and of course skins.

The skins can be mixed and matched, with components from one outfit combined with another.

Despite this very impressive concept video, it would likely be a lot harder to actually implement it in the game for real.

Developers Epic Games have not been averse to adapting fan suggestions are real features in the game, but this one might be a bit hopeful.

After all, adding such a system would potentially lower sales of new skins and cosmetics from the option shop. On the other hand, it could also open up new possibilities for individual cosmetics, such as sunglasses or other accessories.

Season 2 is set to start on February 20, so there’s no chance Epic would have the time to create it for then anyway, even if they like the idea. But who knows, there’s always a chance in future seasons for a character creator in Fortnite.