When Epic Games hired former OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer, no one knew what role he would take on.

Given his role building one of the largest and most unique esports leagues on the planet, Nanzer was slotted in to help grow the competitive scene.

While he has undoubtedly been working on things behind the scenes, his first public initiative was a new Twitter account that was announced this morning.

@FNCompetitive promises to be a home for competitive updates, community interaction and apparently Fortnite highlights.

After this first tweet was posted at 12:25 PT Friday, the account already has 18,000 followers just over two hours after being activated.

It won’t be a surprise if the account quickly tops 100,000. What exactly the account will be used for still remains to be seen, but the first two tweets after the announcement were clips of popular duos from the World Cup qualifiers.

They started with Mongraal and Mitr0 to kick it off:

They made a smart choice saving Ninja and Reverse2k for the second tweet so the comments didn’t just eviscerate them for immediately posting a Ninja clip:

On both clips the comments do bring up a good point. It is easier to view the clips if whoever is running the account downloads them and uploads them in the tweet, instead of linking to the Twitch clip.

While that doesn’t count as a view for the Twitch account in question, the amount of views clips get isn’t a huge driver of money on Twitch.

Anyone who is following the competitive Fortnite account likely already knows about the account in question, but I can see why they chose to link the Twitch clip instead of embedding the video themselves.

People were quick to let them know how to do it properly:

The connection of the account to Nanzer comes from an almost immediate quote tweet from his personal account.

In fact, this is his first tweet since he left the OWL at the end of May. His presence in competitive Fortnite is absolutely a great sign.

A lot of uncertainty was facing the competitive scene after the World Cup and Nanzer is going to be tasked with finalizing the future of Fortnite esports.

What direction he will go in still remains to be seen, but he has endless potential to work with, all he has to do is find the right way to channel the popularity.

This Twitter account feels like a good start. Added communication and an increased focus on competitive play is always good for the scene as a whole.

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