Competitive Fortnite players in Southeast Asia are furious with Epic games. Find out why.

Ping might be the most important element in Fortnite that players can’t control. Your ping directly corresponds to where you live in relation to the servers on which you play.

It determines whether you can block a shot or whether an opponent blocks yours. It dictates whether your structure places instead of your opponent’s. It seems as though the wall-take coin flip is out with Chapter 2, so high-ping players have no hope of holding a wall.

Via: Epic Games

North American and EU players have had it relatively easy in the ping department. The servers are static and unmoving, so we’ve all been able to get used to the ping we’ve had since the start of the game.

Players in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia haven’t been so lucky. Epic has moved servers, changed servers, and angered many of the competitive players in the region.

Epic removed the Southeast Asia servers back in August with the introduction of Middle East servers. Since then, players from that region have been playing on Middle East servers, meaning their ping went up.

This wasn’t a huge deal until Epic relocated their Middle East servers from Mumbai to Bahrain, which increased the ping of SEA players even further.

Players from this region have been up in arms since the most recent switch – largely because Epic never directly addressed the move. Competitive Fortnite players from SEA have written heartfelt and discouraged posts on the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit – feeling as though they’re forgotten by Epic Games.

IMG: Epic Games

Imagine if the NA East servers disappeared. All of a sudden, everyone on the East Coast would have to play on NA West servers. Pro players would move, but the rest of the player base would be stuck dealing with 80-100 ping.

It’s hard not to feel bad for the SEA players. Let’s hope Epic addresses the reasoning behind this move at the very least.

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