Here’s what the top community members had to say about the latest Fortnite update.

Fortnite updated to v7.30 with today’s patch and with it came a variety of changes.

Among the big changes was the vaulted of four weapons, including the Bolt-Action Sniper, and the addition of the Chiller Grenade.

Other big changes include Fortnite mobile players having the option to play on a controller, the NFL Rumble LTM and the return of the NFL cosmetics later this week.

Of course, we can’t forget about the numerous datamines that have come with this latest update.

Images show there are four stages to the skin but what we don’t know is how these will be unlocked.

We know the Prisoner skin will have various stages but we don’t yet know how these will be unlocked.

One common theme is the praise the game has received for playing so smooth now.

A past update added a lot of issues with the editing mechanic that resulted in it being reverted.

There has been a lot that has changed with this latest update so let’s dive right in and see what the community has been saying.


FaZe Jaomock


FaZe Cizzorz

Ghost Aydan

Sypher PK


What about you? Let us know your favorite addition to Fortnite with the latest patch in the comments below.

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  1. The sad part about this patch is that the materials changes are so good but you can tell they’re vaulting weapons just to vault them, if they just didn’t vault anything then this update could’ve been way better, but come on the smg makes no sense to vault and neither does the rest

      • I used the famas but the famas and burst could’ve just used buffs and bolt and smg makes literally no sense, you can tell they’re trying to vault as much as possible to get a reaction

          • the only thing i dont understand is that they vaulted the bolt, now it’ll be harder to find a sniper as it’s likely to be a epic or legendary

    • I prefer the supressed smg tbh. Aldo no one really used bursts or heavys. Not sure about bolt and i really didnt like the smgs in my opinion

  2. This sucks. RIP BOLT. Best gun in the game. RIP Bursts. Incredible first shot accuracy. RIP good SMG. Spray and pray meta was back. The Heavy Shotgun wasn’t meta anymore though so that’s a meh

  3. I’m on NA-East and everyone is a soccer skin that is either doing take the l or laugh it up
    What happened to Fortnite lol

    • It’s exactly why I literally barely play anymore. Honestly, Epic didnt ruin the game. It’s the sweaty 12 year olds that take the game way too seriously. I realized that the old days are gone and the game will never be near the peak it was in Season 3

  4. epic this is really killing me today. honestly, the silent smg sucks, why put that back rather than the tac smg? also, if you’re gonna put a gun in the vault, you don’t put 4 in the price of a SHITTY smg

  5. very good update.. Kappa. After this shitty update my game is freezing for like 30 seconds and I am not the only one.. Stupid game


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