Fortnite’s second major update of Season 8 is also one of the game’s most controversial.

A lot of things changed in the game including new additions and changes to The Baller and Infantry Rifles, but the community has been fixated on three bullet points.

In the Fortnite v7.40 update, Epic added features they had been trying in Pop-Up Cups to the main game.

Those included bringing the total materials down from 3000 to 1500 by capping each material slot at 500, adding a siphon of 50 health/shield for each kill, and increasing the rate of harvest.

In v8.20, those updates were reverted. They are still live in Arena Mode, but the main game will no longer have those features.

The reactions were quick and decisive from the biggest names in the community, but once you break down the changes, they begin to make some more sense.

I’ll be covering the flip side of these reactions in another article on the site coming soon where I will represent the casual player base, but for now, here are some of the most interesting reactions to Fortnite’s v8.20 update.

Ninja declined to offer a “hot take” and wants the meta to settle a bit first:

Many other streamers had no time to waste:

But it also may have done some good:

Just kidding… kinda. Cloak’s tweet below, if referring to the three controversial changes, doesn’t make a ton of sense because Arena Mode still has all those features in it.

Some people did focus on some of the positives and apparently the new LTM is a ton of fun.

Dakotaz is a generally positive person and he found the positive in this update as well, its just in another game developers office:

Ultimately this list could keep going on and on. Just about every streamer who plays Fortnite semi-consistently had some sort of opinion. But this change wasn’t for them. This change was the first step in Epic finally separating the casual and competitive player bases.

Whether Epic did it in the right way, still remains to be seen, but at some point the two paths needed to split and v8.20 seems like the first divergence.

What do you think of the update? Please tell us in the comments below:

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