Epic Games made the decision to roll back their build nerf in Fortnite after the community made the hashtag #RevertTurboBuild viral. Here are some of the top reactions from some of Fortnite’s most popular personalities.

The entire Fortnite community was sent into disarray on August 27 when the v10.20 patch put a nerf on Turbo Building. The placement delay was originally .05 seconds between builds, but with the v10.20 update, it was increased to .15 seconds.

Players found that it was quicker to individually click for each build instead of holding down the button for automatic placement.

Team SoloMid’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabanni had a clip go viral where he live reacted to the turbo build nerf, and the majority of the community agreed with him.

It only took one day for the entire Fortnite community to criticize Epic for their decision into reverting the turbo build. Now, #THANKYOUEPIC is now trending worldwide.

Even one of esports’ top organizations, FaZe Clan, hopped in on the fun.

It seems like Fortnite fans are feeling a bit rusty after not being able to correctly turbo build for 24 hours, but they are overall happy with the revert.

It is good to know that Epic does listen to their community after the majority was upset with Season X’s introduction of BRUTE mechs.

Thank you Epic for allowing us to crank even more 90s than we have before!

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