Fortnite’s menus are clean, easy to scroll through, and present players with only the most essential information. The Item Shop follows this same style, but the art direction is a little outdated in contrast to other screens.

The Item Shop is a feature of Fortnite that many players check almost every single day. While most of us don’t have the money to constantly snatch up skins, it’s always fun to check out what’s in store.

A lot of Fortnite’s UI elements, both in menus and in-game, have been slowly upgraded over time. Most of these changes have been to streamline the interface for users, but some tweaks have been purely artistic.

Just a slight tweak can change the world

The general layout and user design of the Item Shop works quite well. The system offers quick access to everything the store has to offer along with color coding.

There’s nothing wrong per se with the current style of the Item Shop, but it really feels like “classic” Fortnite rather than Season 8.

Community concept creator, Plugtoll, crafted a modernized version of the Item Shop. The changes aren’t massive, but rather seek to complement the current style with some extra flair.

The Item Shop if Epic Games would apply the new design and take me as a designer ;D (Pls give feedback, because I want to get better at photoshop) from r/FortNiteBR

As the saying goes, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Plugtoll knows this and only tweaked the art design while keeping the majority of the UI intact.

Each item now has additional jagged flairs on the bottom where the price and name of the item appear. The flairs are see-through on the smaller tiles to allow for a better view of the items.

The background has been updated with a newer image. This could even be customized via allowing players to use Loading Screens as Item Shop backgrounds.

We do have one suggestion that would make this concept even better. That’s nnimated previews of the Emotes within the Item Shop main menu.

The idea would allow you to preview all content with just one click/scroll to the Item Shop. No more clicking on each Emote separately in order to see the Emote in action.

This could present minor performance issues on low power devices, but framerate is secondary to style in menus.

What do you think of this fresh coat of paint that Plugtoll has given the Item Shop? Should they be hired by Epic Games to help them design new UI features? With a few more portfolio examples, we think…why not?