Epic Games just announced a brand new item coming this week to Fortnite – the Port-A-Fortress.

Fortnite recently added, as they always do before an upcoming major patch, a brand new item’s announcement to the Message of the Day. They don’t usually give a date, but it means it will be coming the following week to Fortnite. It’s usually a Tuesday – so expect this item to be released on September 18th.

The item in question is titled the “Port-a-Fortress”, which is literally just the “Port-a-Fort” item already in the game, with a different colour and four more letters on the end.

Image Source: LootLake.net

The description claims that you can “Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defense to new heights.” This probably just means it will be a much larger structure to the end you can throw down with the existing Port-a-Fort.

The original Port-a-Fort item was purple in colour, but also an Epic rarity. This might entail that the upcoming Port-a-Fortress, that is yellow in colour, will be of Legendary rarity.

This is almost certainly an upgrade version of the Port-a-Fort – probably making a much larger Fortress than the single tower the current version makes.

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