Suppressed Assault Rifle is coming this week to Fortnite through Patch v5.50.

The announcement came on Monday, September 10 via the ‘In-Game Updates’ menu on Fortnite.

It appears that the weapon has the same model as the ‘Scar,’ however, it is unknown if it will share the same stats in terms of damage and rarity.

With a tagline of “Silenced weapon that rewards precision aiming,” some community members believe that the Suppressed Assault Rifle may be the first Semi-Auto AR in Fortnite, yet this remains unconfirmed.

A full look at the weapon can be viewed below.

It is expected that the Suppressed Assault Rifle will be added to Fortnite in the upcoming V5.50 patch, although this could be changed by Epic Games at any time.

We will continue to provide more information on the Suppressed Assault Rifle as it is made available.