Following a post on reddit yesterday, the Fortnite community has been going crazy over the theory that Tilted Towers is going to be nuked or struck by a meteor in the near future. The post by Tactical_Peperoni read:

“So, as we all know, Tilted Towers hasn’t seen much love from the devs lately and they obviously want it to disappear. Now I noticed this today, a bright blue meteorite in the sky, going towards TT and Telescopes with a blue reflection in their lenses. Also, the Battle Pass is space themed and towards the end of the Battle Pass tiers, an explosion is being hinted at. A nuke emoticon, flame stripes and a dinosaur banner symbol at the second last tier. My theory: Tilted Towers will be blown up at the last day of this season.”

Telescopes were added to multiple locations across the map with Patch v3.4.0:

Another post by Niccorazi-_- 3 days ago shows a meteor/comet in the sky:

Along with this, IronRectangle on reddit has now discovered a Comet in the game files, confirming what the strange object in the sky is as well as the presence of a second phase, suggesting it is intended to move closer:

The comet also appears in an ‘Events’ folder in the Battle Royale (Athena) section of the game files:

Take from this what you will. Could Epic really be planning to destroy Tilted Towers as a temporary event? Perhaps for April Fools? Only time will tell.