Epic Games released the final Season 9 early teaser early on Wednesday morning. Together, the teaser images may be giving a small glimpse of the future.

Season 9 is fast approaching and Epic keeps dropping little hints for the community. The third official teaser was just released and the combined pictures of the teasers might let us know more.

Presumably, this was the last of the teasers before the Season 9 release, but anything is possible with Epic Games.

Combined Season 9 Teaser Image

Each of the three teasers had a skin laid into a letter background. The combined image can be constructed.

Here’s a tweet from @Atharva10900375, showing the three images combined into one.

The letters spell out ‘NEO.’ This most likely references ‘new’ or ‘futuristic’ additions and changes coming to Fortnite. ‘Neo’ comes from the Greek word ‘nĂ©os’ meaning ‘new’.

Along with the teaser line ‘The Future is Tilted’, it is safe to assume that Tilted Towers will be reconstructed. The same can be said for Retail Row.

A recently featured Creative map includes a revamped and futuristic version of Tilted Towers. The map was officially featured on the Fortnite twitter account. This could be a subtle hint by Epic for what’s to come in Season 9.

No official information has been released about Season 9 other than these teasers. No verifiable leaks have come out about the upcoming content as of yet. Epic Games is keeping a tight lid on Season 9.

How drastic do you think the Season 9 changes will be? Will new weapons or items arrive with the new patch? Tell us your theories in the comments below!