Many Fortnite pros and competitive players have threatened to quit the game if Epic Games does not change its esports approach. Two college level players carried out the promise after winning an event.

Epic Games has been having a difficult time of balancing the casual Fortnite experience and competitive scene. Each of these portions of the community are extremely important for the success of the game, but Epic’s competitive support has been found lacking.

Professional players like Tfue, Chap, and others have talked about quitting the game completely if Epic doesn’t turn things around. Two collegiate players have now fulfilled that promise of departure directly after winning a key tournament.

Collegiate Players Quit Fortnite after Victory

After clutching up and winning the Collegiate Starleague Nationals, Mister.Lemon & JACK0 made a surprising announcement in their post-game interview.

The two University of Georgia (UGA) players decided to quit Fortnite right there and then. Naturally, the interviewer was uncomfortable with the encounter as it was an awkward moment for Epic, the CSL, and himself.

The most impactful line from the short and sweet interview had to do with Epic’s constant updates and meta changes to Fortnite.

“Honestly, we don’t really like the game that much. Epic is kind of messing around a little bit with the way they’re balancing everything.”

This is the same sentiment that has been echoed throughout the competitive Fortnite scene. Epic’s unwillingness to separate the competitive Fortnite experience from the constant casual meta updates had led to this.

The player’s teammate also shared his viewpoint: “We’ve decided that we don’t want to play competitive Fortnite anymore, so we’re going to move on to different games and probably, like, do different stuff.”

The statement suggests that the two players don’t actually have any concrete plan on how they will proceed. Both simply agree that Fortnite isn’t the way and that the game isn’t a proper esport to due Epic’s blunders.

What can Epic do to repair Fortnite eSports?

The Finals are fast approaching and Epic is no closer to fixing Fortnite eSports

We published an article on this a while back, but let’s run through a few ways that Epic could help fix the competitive scene of Fortnite.

The number one thing that Epic needs to concede is that Fortnite is NOT an inherently competitive game. It is inherently casual and requires a different ruleset for esports. The siphon is an example of Epic’s willingness to concede this point.

Another powerful move would be to stop changing the game constantly with new items, new weapons, and map changes. The casual game can keep changing at the current pace, but true competitive games must have some level of consistency.

As Cloakzy has said in the past, the continued changes to the meta allow players that have barely played to be on the same tier as long term players. The Baller was a great example of this and the Stormwing was another.

Other changes should include FOV sliders, protections of professional players, and other common esports industry standards. All events should also be moved to LAN formats along with proper production quality streams instead of ‘streamer point of view’ experiences.