The final spot in the final of Fortnite’s PAX West Summer Skirmish event was decided by a coin toss.

It was announced during day three of the qualifiers of the $1.5m event that two players would have their fate decided due to drawing on points in 33rd and 34th position.

It had been previously speculated that Epic Games requires one player spot for the spectator system, but that was later debunked. The winner of the coin toss would join 98 other players dropping into the final, set to take place on Monday, September 3.

The incredibly awkward moment was streamed live on the official broadcast, with the coin flipped by Fortnite commentator, Zeke.

The coin landed on tails, sending The_Real_Cryohme through to the next round, with Colton being sent home.

Following the toss, co-host Dr Lupo said it was the most dramatic way that could have been decided.

Questions have been asked of Epic Games as to why the 100th spot couldn’t have been used, or why they didn’t look deeper into the stats to determine a statistical advantage.

The PAX West week 8 finals for Summer Skirmish takes place at 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm BST), with players fighting it out across a six stage game brawl.

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