On the CouRage and Nadeshot show, Cloakzy says playing with Tfue brought a bunch of stream snipers which were one of the reasons he didn’t end up qualifying.

In a podcast recorded in the beginning of June, but only released this morning, Cloakzy talks about his struggles qualifying for the World Cup.

“Battle Royales are extremely RNG,” he begins explaining. “To be a pro in Fortnite, there is nothing you can do to fully eliminate the RNG, it’s just limiting that RNG to a certain extent to make you successful.”

With such massive competitions, battle royales make it very difficult for people to do well consistently. Up until this point, Cloak and Tfue were one of the best duos in the game. They rank third and second on the all time list of highest earning players in Fortnite, only trailing Ghost Bizzle.

They still are one of the best duos, but unfortunately for Cloak, he won’t be able to play at Fortnite’s largest event to date.

While RNG is part of the problem, so are stream snipers.

“Epic removed anonymous mode. Turner (Tfue) streams to 300,000 people. We are first every single week by 10-15 points,” Cloak explained on the podcast. “Then towards the end people who know they aren’t going to qualify end up being in our games multiple times and we end up choking. A lot of times there is nothing we can blame but ourselves, but 7/9 weeks in qualifiers we have been under five points from qualifying.”

That’s really close. And if the margin or error were more, it would be hard to blame stream snipers. But it is definitely fair to think that a small percentage of the 300,000 people watching Tfue could cause a swing of five points or less.

Cloak says that Tfue would not stream for one week if he asked him to, but says he thinks Tfue plays better when he is on stream. He brings up the stream snipers one more time before the conversation eventually shifts.

“You have those people man, those guys who aren’t qualifying, and they are in their 8th or 9th game, 20-30 minutes left [in the window] and they have 16, 18 points. They aren’t qualifying and so they are going to do everything in their power to prevent others from qualifying.”

That’s certainly an annoying problem to have, but one that comes with the territory when your duo partner is topping the Twitch charts day in and day out.

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