Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has made it clear that he no longer wants to team with Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Tom ’72hrs’ Mulligan after they took a brand deal with EA to play Madden 20 while the Fortnite Trio tournament was underway.

The entire Fortnite community was sent into confusion on Saturday, September 7 after ex-FaZe Clan member Tfue tweeted that he was looking for a new Trio.

According to the Floridian, Cloak and 72hrs accepted a brand deal with EA where they would be streaming Madden 20 but did not tell him until the last minute. Tfue claims he was also offered a brand deal by EA, but turned it down to compete in the Fortnite Trio tournament.

The last we heard of the situation, Tfue said that he would be willing to play with Cloak and 72hrs again if they paid him the $140,000 he lost out on from not taking the EA brand deal.

During the late-night of September 7, Tfue’s ex-teammates responded to the allegations and were pretty annoyed by the situation.

What did 72hrs and Cloak have to say about Tfue?

72hrs was streaming World of Warcraft on stream when his chat asked him about the Trio situation and Tfue’s tweets.

“I even was willing to cancel the deal, which is bad for relations with people, in order to play the tournament if he was that upset over it.”

The Team Liquid star added that, “If he gets offered a bunch of money to play Madden, why wouldn’t he come to us and be like, ‘yo, i have this deal, should I do it?’ and then we’d be like ‘sure, that’s a lot of money'”.

Cloak was not as polite about the situation as he called Tfue a “dumbass” for not accepted the $140k deal. He also claimed he did not know Tfue was also offered a brand deal by Madden.

“It’s not my fault your a dumbass. What kind of idiot are you to decline $140k?”

This story will be sure to continue developing as we expect Tfue and Cloak to continue trading online jabs. The two Fortnite stars have been teaming together since 2018 when they first joined FaZe Clan.

We hope this sour turn won’t permanently ruin their friendship. FortniteINTEL will update the story as it develops.