Fortnite fans are always looking for new strategies and sharing them on social media, and SpeedyGonzalez might be the latest have found a new build meta. 

Building in Fortnite is the standout gameplay mechanic that sets the game apart from everything out on the market today, and players are always innovating new strategies.

SpeedyGonzalez is notorious on Reddit for sharing his competitive training maps and posting high-tier competitive strategies.

On January 11 he posted a video on the Fortnite Competitive subreddit showing a strategy that might just help players gain the advantage in build fights.

Build 240ms faster after rifting/launching/plane diving by holding down turbo build beforehand from FortniteCompetitive

The video showed how turbo building can help players build approximately 250 milliseconds faster after rifting or launching and need to build cover as soon as possible.

The first situation shows SpeedyGonzalez using a launch pad while enabling turbo build to construct a wooden wall at the same time.

While he is launching through the air and deploys his glider, you can see that SpeedyGonzalez has his build button held down so as soon as he lands, he can build whatever structure he desires.

As soon as he lands and builds, the video shows a side by side comparison of “instant build” and “normal”, which clearly shows how much faster his building strategy is.

The next few clips in the video show SpeedyGonzalez performing the turbo build strategy while using a rift and jumping out of an X4-Stormwing plane.

Do you think competitive players will begin adapting this building strategy thanks to the video?