Fortnite’s Season X days have been filled with grief and B.R.U.T.E. boycotts, so it’s good to have a laugh at some classic Grenade Launcher fails.

Battle Royale games always have a tense nature about them as you fight to survive among 99 other hungry players. That same tension amplifies both the effects of getting eliminations – and failing to do so – spectacularly.

In times of community complaints and hardships with game balance, we like to take a look back at the good old days. As it happens, other players and influencers also enjoy doing so.

Funny Grenade Launcher fail from the olden days

Battle Royale is an inherently competitive genre of gaming where the sole goal is victory. However, we all sometimes come a little short of the bar. This can be frustrating to say the least and we’ve let a few mighty yells in our time after being tactfully destroyed by a superior player.

Then, there are those fails that just put a smile on everyone’s faces. Reddit user ‘Quasar_YT’ found an old clip from the early seasons which is simply golden material. If you are feeling a bit down and out about the B.R.U.T.E., you are going to want to watch this.

Was looking through some of my old clips, and found this gem from r/FortNiteBR

A couple of defaults walk into a house and chaos ensues. The hilarity of the clip comes from the pure simplicity of the interaction. There’s no building, no shooting, just a grenade launcher and two potatoes at work.

While it’s really easy to laugh at the failing player, we’d probably stand in awe after an opponent successfully headbutted a grenade back towards us. The reaction times could’ve have been a little quicker from our unfortunate friend, but then we wouldn’t have this gem of a clip.

As we were watching the clip, it became increasingly hard to not reminisce about the beginnings of Fortnite Battle Royale. The clip is an extreme example of the slower pace of play, but still does a good job of showing how far the community and game has come. Nothing will ever bring us back, but no-building mode (separate from core experiences) could be nice way to show off some alternate play styles.

After viewing the video about 10 times in a row, we still can’t believe the unluckiness. Grenade launcher projectiles are notoriously difficult to predict and having it bounce at the exact right angle to eliminate himself blows our minds. Naturally, we’ve never eliminated ourselves in such a fashion…

Do you have any fond memories or clips from the primordial times of Fortnite? Change can bring excellent additions along with it and we wildly appreciate Epic’s continued support of the game. Even so, it’s hard not to have doubts about the current course of the BR giant.