The Fortnite Unvaulting event took place today on May 4th, 2019. Unfortunately, a large portion of players were affected by technical issues and were unable to view the event.

If you were one of those who were forced to miss it due to technical or personal issues, or would just like to watch it again, worry not! Content creators @LootLakeBR have created a cinematic replay of the event for your viewing pleasure.


This cinematic movie features drone shots of the action, rather than the third person perspective most players seen during the event. Whether you partook in the event or not, this is quite the memorizing video.

So… Let’s break down what happened.

First and foremost, the timer displayed above Loot Lake counted down to 0:00:00. Once the timer completed, the Loot Lake structure began to spin and open up as the Runes were drained of their power.

A portal opened up from within the structure, allowing players to jump in and be transported to The Vault.

In the vault, a desk with a peculiar mask could be found. The Vault featured six pillars, each with a previously vaulted item on it. Players were allowed to damage these pillars to vote for which item they wanted to be re-added to the game.

The Drum Gun SMG was the unanimous winner of this vote, as indicated by its presence in the current game.

Players were then teleported out of The Vault when the Volcano erupted, throwing volcanic rock at Tilted Towers and Retail Row, destroying each point of interest.

Fortnite’s 9th Season is on the horizon, what comes next is currently unknown.

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