ZylTV, a young Fortnite player, has been streaming for over 10 hours a day in order to help raise money for his father’s cancer treatment. So far, he has raised over $13,000 and has gained quite the online following.

There are several types of charity streams that are held on Twitch for different organizations and reasons but rarely do we see a stream being held for such a selfless act.

The child streamer ZylTV began streaming on Twitch at the beginning of July in order to help raise funds to help with this father’s cancer treatment.

ZylTV has raised over $13,000 for his dad, who was diagnosed with stage three cancer.

Since he began streaming, the young man has streamed for ten hours a day which has helped him reach close to 20,000 Twitch followers.

What makes this story even more heartwarming is that two Fortnite personalities, Xxif and Ronaldo, have decided to pay for Zyl and his father to fly to New York to attend the Fortnite World Cup.

Xxif and Ronaldo were previously on Rise Nation as Fortnite competitive players but were removed due to accusations of cheating during the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens.

Zyl had his father sit down at his set up and told him about the money raised and trip to New York which created this viral clip:

Other Fortnite personalities have donated to Zyl’s cause like FaZe Megga, Misfits Clix, and Snood.

With the community usually revolving around negative feedback towards Epic or online beef, it’s nice to be refreshed with an act of wholesome kindness.

We wish nothing but good luck to Zyl and his father in their fight.

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