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Reddit user u/The-Final-Hoss came up with and designed a concept for a remote-controlled Bush in Fortnite Battle Royale. Sarcastically titled the “Bushmobile”, the user asked Reddit to come up with uses for the item.

New Item Concept: Bushmobile. How would you use an RC bush? Draw out some sniper fire? Scouting? Load it with some C4? from FortNiteBR

One user (u/frostyjokerr) commented a great addition to the concept.

What I’m thinking is, an item that has a battery life, similar to Jetpacks. Can be deployed to the field and returned by driving back to the player’s feet.

If there were an option to equip C4, it would be alright, I believe. You could “Load” a C4 on, detonate later. It’ll remove 1 C4 from your inventory, and once detonated, the RC car is destroyed.

The item appears to have originally been intended as a distracting vehicle of sorts, but since posting on Reddit it has grown to a C4 tray with wheels.

Currently, in Fortnite Battle Royale, you can drink a potion giving you the appearance of a Bush. This lets you blend in with your surroundings and get the sneak attack on the enemy.

Unfortunately, a frowned-upon tactic is waiting in a Bush until the end of the game then getting the drop on the last-standing player to win the game. Hopefully, a concept like this wouldn’t be as frowned-upon.

How would you use an item like this? Comment below!