Epic added in new consumable heal items in Fortnite Season 4 with apples and mushrooms, and one fan created a map to show where you can find each one!

Have you ever been in a Fortnite match and been in a dire situation that requires heals?

One Redditor took it upon himself to create a map that shows every location for each apple and mushroom crop.

All Apple and Mushroom Locations from FortNiteBR

Mushrooms are found in wooded, shady areas while apples are found in bright, open spots.

Apples heal 5 hp while mushrooms heal 5 shield.

The map shows that the eastern side of the map is dominated with apple crops and the occasional mushroom spawn, while the western edge is full for mushrooms only.

It is also important to note that the southwest corner of the map is virtually empty of mushroom and apple spawns, which could have to do with the fact that that side of the map is covered in snow.

A few Redditors commented that they often miss apples due to colorblindness, so this map could be a great tool to utilize!

It has been a while since Epic has added a new heal item into Fortnite, and one Redditor had an idea for searchable heal props like ammo boxes.

Do you have any neat ideas for a new Fortnite consumable heal item?

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