Glider redeploy is coming back to Fortnite as an item and the reactions to it range from jubilation to pure salt.  

Glider redeploy was originally introduced to Fortnite through LTM’s and spent three weeks in Season 6 as part of the main game.

Now it is returning to the game as an item with limited uses that takes up an inventory spot. For a more nuanced discussion over whether this is positive or negative, check out this list of pros and cons of glider redeploy in Fortnite.

This is not an article for nuance, this is an article for memes.

Let’s start with people who are happy for glider redeploy to be coming back.

People in support of Glider Redeploy

Popular streamers timthetatman and CouRage JD both were quick to respond to the initial announcement tweet.

SypherPK seemed like he was against redeploy coming back but when he learned it was an item, he got on board quickly.

People against Glider Redeploy

Myth had the most pronounced negative reaction to the change:

The community on /r/FortniteCompetitive holds meme Mondays every week so they delivered a set of negative reactions when the news came out today.

Everyone tomorrow trying to locate who’s gliding above them from FortniteCompetitive

Epic Games dancing while the competitive community slowly dies from FortniteCompetitive

This sub after the re-deploy tweet from FortniteCompetitive

Update 7.20 in a nutshell from FortniteCompetitive

While everyone else was memeing, TSM’s Daequan was throwing out some possible ways to lessen the RNG of the glider.

He went on to say that he is against glider redeploy coming back to the game, but if it is, that is the format he would prefer.

Interestingly enough, the two most popular streamers by hours watched (Ninja and Tfue) were both silent on this issue and their responses/opinions could carry a lot of weight in the court of public opinion.

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